Friday, January 28, 2011


Ok, so I was informed yesterday afternoon that it was National Chocolate Cake did I not already know that?!? So of course to celebrate I just had to make a chocolate cake!! ;-) I searched for a recipe that used only what ingredients I had on hand (not an easy task!!). Well I finally found this one and got to baking at 6:00 yesterday evening. The cake finished baking right before we ate dinner and cooled while we were soon as we were done I frosted that baby (with frosting I pulled out of the freezer...chocolate of course). And before bed we all had a yummy piece of chocolate cake with a glass of milk!! In fact, it was so good I had a piece for breakfast...shhh don't tell ;-) I would have taken a picture before I cut it but I had 3 little munchkins standing at my feet


I love cake!!


  1. I can bring you a piece later if you want :-)

  2. The cake looks delicious, you can bring me a piece too Amanda! :)