Sunday, January 23, 2011

AG clothes!!

I think my new favorite thing to do is make clothes for AG dolls!! It's tedious work but I love it! I've made several things for Madison's Chrissa doll and I have plans for a few more things. I've also been working on an outifit for a friend's sweet daughter's birthday (it's a little belated...but better late than never right?). I just about finished the skirt this weekend...just have to finish off the elastic. So here's a picture of it!!


Along with that love for doll clothes is my new love for using things we have to make new things!! Here is a picture of Madison with Chrissa. Chrissa's shirt is made from a shirt of Lily's that was stained beyond repair. I tried so hard to get the stain out that I ended up with a hole in the I used the back of the shirt and the heart from the front to make Chrissa a shirt to match Madison's :-)


And Lily wanted to jump in a picture with her doll also!!


That's all for now but I'll have more pictures of the clothes I've made tomorrow....hopefully!!