Friday, February 25, 2011

It's the Cat in the Hat...

Of course now I have that song stuck in my Camden's birthday was last week and my in-laws came to visit over the weekend so we had a little celebration for him. He loves the Cat in the Hat cartoon so I decided to make a Cat in the Hat cake!! This cake was somewhat of a Things just weren't working out for me...but in the end it turned out ok. For dinner we had deviled eggs with green centers and ham sandwiches...among other things.

Here's our green eggs and ham

Camden with his cake (Don't mind the goofy face...that's what he does when you tell him to say

And opening all of his gifts

He had a great time at his little party!!

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  1. I love Dr Suess and would like to make a cake like this. It looks awesome! you did a super job!

  2. I went to pick my son up at school the other day and he was dressed as the Cat in the Hat with a paper hat, etc. So adorable!

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